About Betros Plumbing

For over 50 years clients refer to us as the best plumbing contractor with licensed plumbers who deliver the highest quality services to residential and commercial clients in Jacksonville, FL

The Betros family name has been trusted in plumbing for over 50 years. As a family oriented plumbing company, we remain honest, reliable and dependable, keeping the client top priority. Betros Plumbing specializes in both conventional and eco-friendly options for commercial, residential and industrial plumbing projects in Florida and Georgia. Our men are trained using industry-leading technology and tools to provide you with the most effective results to your plumbing needs.

With our high standards and expectations, we take pride in our work and strive to offer competitive pricing, quality craftsmanship, and timely completion on every project. We have an extended family of local plumbing engineers and general contractors, of which we work hand in hand to ensure that our client gets the most out of every dollar spent. At Betros Plumbing Contractors, our goal is to achieve a relationship with each of our customers that is built to last.

Our Leadership

Stevie Betros | Betros Plumbing

Stevie Betros

Stevie Betros is the President and a founding member of Betros Plumbing. Stevie received his Bachelor’s Degree from Valdosta State University and has his Florida Master Plumbing License. Stevie has been working under the Betros name since 2003.

Stevie enjoys playing golf and loves anywhere that serves a good steak.

Stephen M. Betros Sr. | Betros Plumbing

Stephen M. Betros Sr.
Vice President

Stephen Betros Sr. is one of the founding members of Betros Plumbing and serves as Vice President.  He entered the industry in 1976 and has more than 44 years of experience.

In his free time, Stephen enjoys golfing and spending time with family.

Barrett Mabe | Betros Plumbing

Barrett Mabe
Vice President, Director of Field Operations and Partner

Barrett Mabe is Vice President and partner of Betros Plumbing, and also serves as Director of Field Operations. Barrett is a licensed Master Plumber and has been in the plumbing industry since 2003.

Barrett has been a handyman since high school when he built a potato gun with PVC fittings which singed his eyebrow and hair off the day before senior pictures.

Michael Flye | Betros Plumbing

Michael Flye
Plumbing Service Manager

Michael Flye is a Plumbing Service Manager at Betros Plumbing.  He started in the industry in 2010 and is confined space certified. Michael has served in a variety of roles including excavation coordinator and field trainer. He joined the Betros Plumbing team in 2019.

In his free time, Michael enjoys dart throwing and chess.

Ken Kilpatrick | Betros Plumbing

Ken Kilpatrick
Project Manager and Estimator

Ken Kilpatrick is a Project Manager and Estimator for Betros Plumbing. Ken has been in the plumbing industry since 1999 and joined Betros in 2014. Ken is N.D.T. level 2 certified in PT, MT and UT.

Ken enjoys spending time with his family, and in his free time plays golf and the drums.

Terry Touchton | Betros Plumbing

Terry Touchton
Project Manager

Terry Touchton is a Project Manager at Betros Plumbing. Terry has been in the plumbing industry since 1978, having over 42 years of experience. He completed a four year plumbing apprenticeship, has a Georgia Master Plumbers License and Medical Gas Certification.

Terry has always wanted to grow a vegetable garden but hates the taste of vegetables, so he uses his free time to go fishing.

Meloni J. Elkins | Betros Plumbing

Meloni J. Elkins

Meloni Elkins is the bookkeeper at Betros Plumbing.  She received her associate degree from Trinity Baptist College. Meloni has 26 years of experience in accounting, having filled the roles of Financial Team Leader and Director of Operations, as well as Marketing Coordinator and Director, and Graphic Designer. She joined Betros Plumbing in 2018.

Meloni enjoys reading at the beach and loves any chance to spend time with family.

Ernie Perez | Betros Plumbing

Ernie Perez
Logistics Director

Ernie Perez is the Logistics Director for Betros Plumbing. He joined the Betros team in 2021 and has experience as a multi-site supervisor.

In his free-time, Ernie is involved in various hobbies such as rock climbing, food blogger, brand ambassador, entertainment coordinator and more.