Water Heater Repair and Installation Plumbing Service in Atlantic Beach, FL (32233)

Date: February 22, 2024

City: Atlantic Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32233

Plumber Notes: Upon our arrival we turned water off to the old water heater. We then removed the old water heater and cut back both the hot and cold water line. After removing the old water heater from the stand, we then installed a brand new 80 gallon LPG water heater. We then reinstalled the cold water line with a new 3/4 in check valve and ball valve. We also installed a new expansion tank ran with 3/4 galvanized piping. We then reinstalled the hot water line with a new 3/4 inch ball valve. We also installed a new 30-in aluminum pan. We then ran new 3/4 inch galvanized pipe with a drip leg for the gas line. We then reattach the gas line. We then turned water back on to the new water heater and checked for leaks. No leaks were found. We then reinstalled the top cover and attached the flu. After filling up the new 80 gallon tank. We then re-engage gas and lit the pilot light. We then checked the temperature of the water inside of the house and found it to be lukewarm. The water heater will take two to three hours to get back to proper temperature. Homeowner has been made aware of this. Job completed.