Re-Piping Services Plumbing Service in Callahan, FL (32011)

Date: December 16, 2022

City: Callahan, FL

ZIP Code: 32011

Plumber Notes: We will be doing a full repipe of this two bathroom home through the Attic. We will be doing the repipe in CPVC pipe and fittings. This will in detail require New Angle stops at each fixture that requires angle stops meaning toilet, bathroom sinks, kitchen sink and supply lines if needed. We will be in attic drilling down the wall to access the fixtures. We will need to cut the drywall at the fixture to install new angle stops. The showers are back to back one is a stand-up shower other one is a tub shower valve both of them will require a Smitty plate (Cover Plate) to hook up the new piping too. we are not able to do it from the back on them due to they are back to back shower valve one is a thick plastic in the master other one is tile in the hall bathroom. The hose bib on the back of the house will be surface mounted on the surface of the house The hose bib on the front of the house will be eliminated and moved down to the wall by the well off the garage with a new hose bib and piping. For the kitchen sink and ice maker we will be drilling down the pantry wall going through the inside of the cabinets behind the stove around to kitchen sink where at that point we will transition over to a quarter inch line and run to ice maker. Repipe is complete waited 30 mins tested everything cleaned aerators and got everything working properly no leaks and job is complete.

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