Sewer & Drain Plumbing Service in Callahan, FL (32011)

Date: February 22, 2024

City: Callahan, FL

ZIP Code: 32011

Plumber Notes: On my arrival, I met with the homeowner who informed me she was having issues draining off water. After inspecting the flow from the bathroom, I determined she had a soft blockage somewhere after the toilet. However, I could not pull the toilet due to water being in the line and would cause a small flood in her bathroom. After inspecting the house, I found that it is on a septic tank and the septic tank is not overflowing. Therefore, the blockage is somewhere after the toilet in the line. The only way to attempt to clear the blockage is from the roof down the vent. Unfortunately the roof is pitched and wet from the rain therefore it is a safety hazard to attempt to clear. This evening, I spoke with the homeowner and explained the safety issue. She fully understands and would like us to return during the daylight hours when the roof is dry and no longer a safety hazard. Job completed for now. Allen s. Got on roof ran 60ft hit blockage ran again cleared now properly running.