Sewer & Drain Plumbing Service in Elkton, FL (32033)

Date: March 22, 2024

City: Elkton, FL

ZIP Code: 32033

Plumber Notes: Upon my arrival I met with John the GC of the project who informed me that they were having a backup from one of the sewer clean out caps. Upon my investigation I found paper towels and toilet paper to be backing out of the clean out. Before jetting I sent my cable down the clean out roughly 125 ft with a cutter head to break up any obstruction that may have been in my way. Upon retrieving my cable, I pulled out rags, cleaning wipes, and a full washcloth. After removing these items, the water began draining significantly. I then attempted to camera, however due to large amounts of sand being in the pipe, I could not get a clear picture. I then began jetting the line from the clean out . I ran the jitter hose to more than 200 ft to clear out any obstruction that was left in the pipe. After I finished jetting, I then went inside of the gas station and tested the line profusely. Line is now open and free of obstructions. Job completed.