Water Heater Plumbing Service in Fernandina Beach, FL (32034)

Date: September 15, 2022

City: Fernandina Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32034

Plumber Notes: Customer not having good water pressure in the rooms. Water pressure appears to be only affecting hot side of water service. Went to multiple rooms and took aerator out to allow for dirt to come out of hot water line forced hot water system for about 5 minutes no debris was shown at this time. Also took out shower head to flush hot water system from shower valve and multiple rooms no debris found still low water pressure. Troubleshoot tankless water heaters in back of house to find out if tankless heaters are malfunctioning not allowing for water pressure because without a heat exchanger. Call Reen troubleshooting team help determine that all water heaters functions are working properly. Found water softener system in closet of hallway in middle of house bypass water softener to troubleshoot that system. Tested water lines at that time everything appears to be working with proper water pressure. Advised customer need to call water softener company to replace or repair water softener unit will leave water softener and bypass at this time.

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