Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing Service in Fleming Island, FL (32003)

Date: June 4, 2024

City: Fleming Island, FL

ZIP Code: 32003

Plumber Notes: 2nd Floor -Master Bathroom We will remove all existing drainage, and water line. We will cap off the existing sanitary line that goes to the main, so that there is no sewer gas coming into the area, and the house while we are working on the water line. We’ll have to cut out the floor, and offset about 3 to 4 inches in order to set the tub in. We will hole saw through the joist to run our new drainage for the showers. We will run new drainage for the double vanity for upstairs and downstair bathroom. We install new drainage for the master bathroom toilet line. We will offset the drainage with PVC fittings, 2 inches. Once we have the new stub out center with the tub. We will try to cover up the hole with spray foam, and a new small piece of plywood with the new hole. We will install the new faucet for the tub. After the tub install, we will check for leak, and we will check for drainage. We will caulk the surrounding edges of the tub. Rough In-Master bathroom, secondary bathroom, first floor bathroom. We will install shower pan for both shower and we will water test the pan to assure that there is no leaks. We will run new 3” Sanitary line for the shower and vanities. We will run new half inch CPVC water line for the tub, toilet, and vanity. We will tie in new sanitary for the bathroom into the existing sanitary line We will install new shower valves and shower diverter. We will install new angle stops for all water supply line. We install trim kit for shower and test out all waterline for leaks. We will install the toilet. We will caulk all surrounding edges of fixtures, and the tub and all trim out. Betros will have 24-month warranty for bathrooms drainage, water-lines ,shower pans, shower valves. Customer is providing fixtures, and trim for the job.

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