Home Remodel Plumbers Plumbing Service in Green Cove Springs, FL (32043)

Date: April 12, 2024

City: Green Cove Springs, FL

ZIP Code: 32043

Plumber Notes: Spoke with the homeowner who informed us that she would like both of her faucets replaced in the master bathroom on the third floor. She will shop for the faucets that she would like to have us come back and install them once they arrive. Also, upon our return we will be cleaning both tankless water heaters in the downstairs area. Upon returning on March 26th 2024, I spoke with the homeowner who informed me that in addition to replacing both faucets in the master bathroom on the third floor that they would also like me to replace the faucet in the kitchen. After removing the old faucets in the upstairs bathroom, I replaced them with brand new Delta single hole faucets. During the shut-off process for one of the faucets, the shut off valve snapped at the handle. After replacing both faucets. I then reconnected them to both of their supply valves and test it for leaks. No leaks were found. Both faucets have now been replaced in the upstairs bathroom. I then moved downstairs to the ground floor and began cleaning both Rinnai tankless heaters. Cleaning was successful for both systems. After cleaning was finished. I then re-engaged both systems to the home. The home is once again getting hot water. I then moved upstairs to the kitchen area and began removing the old kitchen faucet. After faucet was removed. I then installed a brand new Delta single hole faucet. After installation was complete. I then tested for leaks. No leaks were found. Kitchen faucet is now installed and working as intended. Job completed.

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