Commercial Plumbing Contractors Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32202)

Date: May 1, 2023

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32202

Plumber Notes: Day one of demo. Upon arrival meet with Logan to go over the plans and schedule for project. Went over direction of concerns for safety and issues that needed to be addressed for project to move forward. Measured out the layout on the floor of the project and then found relevant locations to adjust measurements so that they could be applied on the lower level so that could find out what area of the parking garage is giving to need to be roped off to prevent any damage to cars for demo of drain and for when core drilling new hole for new drain line. As well as accessed water lines in ceiling to find shut off valves. Was only able to locate isolation valve for cold water lines. Cut out all cold water lines running to current break room sink locations. Advised customer to cut out hot water would need to turn off hot water in janitorial location and customer wasn’t prepared to turn that off at this time. Removed all cold water running to sink, water softener, coffee maker, ice maker and refrigerator. Capped lines where couldn’t access at this time at customers request. Removed sink and faucet from current location as well. Ran new water line in ceiling access to estimated new location at this time. Water is currently in 1/2 inch and customer was wondering how many fixtures could run on that size pipe and I advised customer may need to go up in size. Customer is still going to look into the fixture count. Customer advised need to come back next week to do core drilling and complete first phase of work. Day two of demo. Customer still not ready for core drilling and asked that we lay out area so we can know where core drilling will be. So measured out area according to the plans and found both spots for core drilling. Marked them with red tap. Customer asleep asked that we disconnect water fueling all the way to the trunk line so that walls can be taken down. Was able to utilize ball valve on cold side to shut off water and remove all water lines in the wall up to trunk line in hallway. However the hot side didn’t have a shut off valve. Walked building with customer to determine where shut off was. Customer couldn’t help us find any other shut off for the hot water. Advised customer best solution would be to shut water off at heater using the ball valve and cut out section of hot water line and add a sharkbites ball valve to allow for isolation of waterline. Customer agreed so shut water off at water heater which was on the second floor of building. Drained hot water line into a bucket and then cut out water line in same area as cold water shut off and installed a shut off valve. Found another game plan for drainage with customer based on scope of work and what is already in the system. Customer will contact when core drilling is ready. That is the last demo step to complete.