Residential Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32223)

Date: September 5, 2023

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32223

Plumber Notes: Arrived and was told that the sewer was backing up throughout the entire house. After running the tub for over an hour, and filling and dumping the washing machine twice, it was determined that the stoppage worked itself out of the line over the weekend. I was then directed to the leak in the driveway that Hydroscoit marked out. After discussing all options with the homeowner, it was decided that Sam and I would return tomorrow after first call and run a brand new water service for the customer. Arrived on site today with Sam and ran new water service. Connected to existence ball valve at front of house and tested for leaks. No leaks upon departure. Warranty is 1 year on labor.