Betros Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32221)

Date: September 5, 2023

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32221

Plumber Notes: Came out to do a plumbing inspection to verify house is vented properly and there are no foreseeable issues. Upon arrival, we did notice there was one roof cap for a vent but no other pipes. Upon entering, we immediately checked under sink to see if there was a studor vent. No studor vent was installed but the pipe was there and ready for a studor vent to be installed, which is already currently acting as a vent. Mrs Lisa explained that someone would be coming to install one soon. Checked hall bath to the right and there was a studor vent under the lavatory. The other bathroom did not have a visible studor vent but we had picture confirmation of the vent stack behind the wall in that particular bathroom. To be safe and to verify it was there and working, we performed a drain test of the bathroom with maximum water volume. Sam jumped up in attic and verified there was a 3” stack going through the roof, which is what the roof cap is over, protecting the pipe from debris. We also had picture confirmation that the washing machine was also properly plumbed and vented. Again, there are tests we perform to check and verify home is properly draining and doesn’t have any issues. Tested kitchen and verified it drained with and without a vent underneath. It still needs a studor vent but it is still properly vented beyond the vent under sink. Tested first bathroom to the right. Opened up all fixtures and flushed toilet as soon as it would fill. We listen and check for gurgling or water backing up. None of which occurred. Went out to check clean out directly on that bathroom line and everything flowed properly with no hesitation. Tested second bathroom down the straight hall to maximum water volume too. Ran the tub, toilet, and sink. Again, no gurgling or water buildup occurred in sink or toilet. Tub drained fine but a little slower, indicating there’s probably hair or maybe grout residue left in the line but still drains fine. Went out back again to check the big cleanout cap to verify water flow and is was draining beautifully. To conclude our testing and making sure there would be no foreseeable issues, we opened every fixture in the home to give the main line the maximum water volume test. No gurgling or water backups occurred in the home while running water through everything. Once again went out back to check clean outs and we could visibly see everything draining perfectly the entire time. Another test during this time performed was us putting our hands over the clean outs while water is running in the home. Is air pressure lifted our hands at all, we’d know the pipe was struggling to breathe. We never experienced any “breathing” or drainage issues while here and we verified everything in the home is vented in some way and works properly.

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