Betros Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32244)

Date: September 5, 2023

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32244

Plumber Notes: When I arrived I did a thorough inspection on the house inside and outside. Outside the water meter was accessible. The hose bib on the front left side of the home has no leaks and is operational. The sewer clean out in the front of the home was accessible and had no damage. The vent stacks on the roof of the home all checked out to be good and working properly.Inside the home I checked the hallway bathroom. The angle stops under the sink are hard to shut off and need to be changed but they do not have any leaks. The drain pipe for the sink works properly and has no leaks. The pop-up assembly in the sink needs to be replaced. The toilet angle stop works and does not have any leaks. the toilet also flushes properly and has no leaks. The tub drains properly and the shower valve works in the shower valve has no leaks in the shower. Diverter works as designed in the utility room the washer box is in good condition. The washer shut off valves are hard to turn off and are a little aged but they do not leak. They do need to be changed in the near future. The water heater inside the garage is new, has no leaks and the ball valve does operate. I also checked the master bathroom. The toilet in the master bathroom angle stop works and has no leaks. The toilet flushes properly and has no leaks. The walk-in shower operates with no leaks and drains correctly. The garden tub valve has leaks when you turn it on, but does not leak when it is off. The valve will need to be replaced in order to operate with no leaks. The master bathroom sinks pop-ups hold as designed the angle stops are hard to turn off and need to be replaced but do not leak and also the drains under the sinks do not leak and operate correctly. I also checked the kitchen. The ice box turns off with no problem and has no leaks. The kitchen sink drains are good and have no leaks from the drains or the garbage disposal. Garbage disposal operates as designed. There are three angle stops under the sink that operate the sink and the dishwasher. they are hard to turn off, have no leaks but do need to be replaced in the near future. The dishwasher is brand new and has no leaks. I also checked outside in the backyard and the hose bib works and has no leaks and the pool pump looks good, has no leaks and operates good. All the plumbing has been checked out and been notated for what needs to be replaced fixed and what operates correctly. Job is complete the checklist attached to the invoice also has more info on the plumbing fixtures and the operation of everything as well as info of the brands.

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