Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Service in Jacksonville Beach, FL (32250)

Date: May 4, 2023

City: Jacksonville Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32250

Plumber Notes: Three-quarter by half CPVC tee that goes to angle stop to toilet broke off when homeowner tried to shut off angle stop. He noticed a leak coming from his ceiling in kitchen. Repaired the broken area in the pipe, fixed leak. Did not see nothing leaking in the ceiling in the kitchen where he cut a hole. Do not fill the meter running it’s other due to the angle stop might have already had a crack in the pipe. The toilet could be leaking cannot check the toilet because do not have water due to I do not have an angle stop to put on the pipe. Called and talked to dispatch to let them know that somebody will have to come out tomorrow to put on an angle stop for the toilet. And to give me a call so I can let them know to check up in that ceiling to make sure that there is nothing else leaking at the moment everything is wet due to it flooding out. Should be dried up tomorrow water extraction is out here it got fans and dehumidifiers running all in the house. Water is back on to house.

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