Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville Beach, FL (32250)

Date: February 2, 2024

City: Jacksonville Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32250

Plumber Notes: We turn the water off to the facility at the backflow, bleed out the residual water that was still in the pipe. Then disconnect the electrical to the existing pump and the 1/2in union at the discharge port. Cut out the 1in 1/4 copper pipe before the union at the inlet port, disconnect the union at the outlet port, remove the brass T at the outlet port. Then dismount the existing booster pump and reinstall the existing T the new booster pump at the outlet port. We mount the new boost pump on the the existing wood panel and reconnect the electrical to the new boost pump. During the repair we notice that the existing electrical wiring was incorrect. We re-pipe both inlet and outlet port with propress fittings and turn the water back on to the facility at the backflow. We turn on all fixtures in property to make sure that the store has the right pressure and reprogram the Lenze control box unit to the new booster pump. Check for leaks, no leaks. During the final inspection for the water pressure to the facility. We notice that all the Sloane valve in both bathroom need to be replace with a new one or changing out the diaphragm. Joe did approve to change out the sloane valve which will be in different ticket.

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