Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Service in Jacksonville Beach, FL (32250)

Date: November 3, 2023

City: Jacksonville Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32250

Plumber Notes: Customer showed where well pump is and that pipe coming from well into pump had broken at the check valve. Removed old piping to be able to replace check valve. Installed a new 1 1/4 check valve with new adapters so that check would connect properly. Turned water on to test and water was leaking out of the outlet of the pumps removed old schedule 80 nipple that was broken in the top of the pump and replaced with galvanized nipple. And galvanized tee so that could install pressure tank at top of tee. Reconnected to outlet waterline and turned on to test. While testing could not get pump to hold at a proper pressure rating to turn the automatic switch off. Primed pump again and flooded the prime area with water to test the pressure switch and was able to get the pump up to 70 psi and pump stayed on. This indicates that the pressure switch is bad. Replaced pressure switch and repeated the flooding process to prime the pump. Pump turned off at 50 pounds but wouldn’t hold when outlet valve was on. So replaced pressure tank at top of pump because pressure wasn’t holding. Repeated the flooding prime process again and this time was able to get pump to hold pressure and automatic switch to turn off. Everything appears to be working properly at this time.

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