Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32246)

Date: August 26, 2022

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32246

Plumber Notes: Stall on second floor woman’s bathroom is leaking from control stop of zern flush valve. Need to turn all water off to second floor to replace stop for valve. Needed to make a return trip to turn water off to make repair. Returned to turn water off to second floor and change out stop. Turned off every valve on second floor and recirculation pump to cold water service to see if we could get water to stop and water never got below 20 psi Timmy advised he would have to shut down the whole building so that repair can be made so an earlier arrival time so that water can be turned off to entire building due to restaurant needed water to open. Returned to shut of water to entire building. Turned off water at booster pumps by turning off pump and closing all valves going into and out of pump system. Psi on second floor went down. Disconnected flush valve and installed new flush valve stop for zern flushometer in women’s bathroom first stall on second floor. Turned water back on to booster pump and opened all valves. Tested water on second floor and all water has proper pressure at this time. Tested stop at toilet that was worked on and no leaks found at this time and working properly.

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