Water Heater Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32207)

Date: September 15, 2022

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32207

Plumber Notes: Connect electrical to recirculating pump in boys locker room in the sammas gym. Connected electrical and turned on power to pump. Pump seemed to be working properly at this time. Made sure all valves were turned on and all components to the water heaters are on. Customer has questions about pump that was installed in trainers room. Advised customer pump is ok to run at an continuous time due to the type of pump and should not cause any issues. Customer also has issues in women’s bathroom shower the middle and last stalls on the left are leaking. After inspection found that both need new cartridges for symmons shower valves. Advised of need to schedule for work to be done because water will need to be off to complete this task.

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