Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32205)

Date: June 24, 2021

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32205

Plumber Notes: Emergency call Arrived Sunday at 330pm and found a broken 2 inch water backflow laying on the ground. Noticed the spots where it had broken and repaired the spots that were obviously broken and needed repair. The 90 degree broke off and the coupling broke. Repaired both spots and also needed to brace the backflow due to the amount of dirt that had washed away. Used 2×4 wood to brace the backflow. Left at 7 pm and left the water off to let the glue sit over night for drying purposes. Returned on Monday to turn on the water, Mark the superintendent called Monday morning and mentioned that the toilets and faucets were not working well or constantly running. Returned On Tuesday at 830am to clean out the fixtures that were having problems. Fixtures include 13 toilets, 12 lavatory faucets and 3 urinals. We needed to completely disassemble all of these fixtures to remove the sand that is built up the system. Removed lots of sand that consistently kept clogging the system after we thought we got it out. While there we were approached by Mark and he showed us that the main line near the backflow was leaking at a female adaptor that was not noticeable during the first repair on the main. Mark asked us to not have the building water shut down at all. Mark requested us to return on Wednesday at 5 AM to repair the section of 2 inch PVC pressure pipe female adaptor that was leaking and have the water back on before the building opened with clients. We finished working Tuesday at 4 PM and needed to clean out a few more items and order in some new assembly kits for the flushometers. Returned with 2 technicians on Wednesday morning the 23rd of June to repair the section of 2 inch pipe. Once the pipe was repaired and tested we backfilled the area with new dirt that was dropped off next to the backflows. Only one technician remained to continue cleaning the water lines out once the Main water line was repaired. Left the job site at 9:45am on Wednesday and needed to return Thursday once the parts came in. Returned on Thursday arrived at 1:15 in the afternoon and left at 4 pm finished the final issues with the sand inside the water line and also replaced a few aerators and checked everything making sure all 28 fixtures were operational and working well.

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