Betros Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32208)

Date: March 30, 2023

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32208

Plumber Notes: Sump pump is bad and not able to eject water from loading dock behind building. Will need to replace pump in order to correct this issue. The drain for the loading dock is cleared and pit is full of water at this time. Called and talked to Carrissa with superior and gave estimate over the phone. She called back and said she will get this approved and could we return tomorrow to complete the job. She will be contacting us on approval status. 3/15- today the estimate was approved, so we installed the new pump and wired it up properly(ĥardwired) Michael from regional maintenance showed up and double checked our installation with compliments as to doing a good job and using quality pump.(Liberty) All water is gone from loading dock and pump pit. System is working properly at this time. After the water went down and I was able to inspect the trough drain to see why the old pump was burned up and noticed a section of the drain was not covered properly and needs to be corrected to protect the new pump from getting damaged. Please see pics for any questions.

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