Residential Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32226)

Date: March 22, 2024

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32226

Plumber Notes: We arrived on March 5th to investigate a reported leak by the homeowner. After discussing with the homeowner about cutting a hole in the ceiling that was recently patched. We removed the section of ceiling in the living room that was recently patched by a contractor. We then tested the toilets upstairs which immediately leaked water from the flange through the floor into the living room. We then investigate it into the attic space after the homeowner informed us that the plumbing company she had hired previously had gone into her attic space to clear a clog. We determined that the previous plumbing company had drilled a large hole into the vent stack and had improperly repaired it. We then began removing both toilets to inspect the source of the leak. Upon pulling both toilets upstairs, we discovered that both toilets wax rings were heavily depleted and the main drain line in the second floor had a soft blockage. The soft blockage was causing water to build up in the pipe and crest through both of the toilet flanges leaking into the living room. After replacing both wax rings, we tested both toilets for proper seal. Both toilets are now installed properly and are no longer leaking into the living room. We then snaked the line and removed a large amount of hair. On March 6th, I returned and removed a section of the vent stack that was improperly repaired in the attic space. I installed a 3-in clean out and repaired the pipe with the proper 3-in band. Once installed I then ran my cable. The full length of the upstairs drain one more time to ensure that there was no further obstructions or blockages left in the pipe from the previous days pipe cleaning. Once I retrieved my cable, I then tested the second floor drain system once again by flushing every toilet and running every fixture upstairs. I then checked the clean out for the entire house located to the right of the front door and found the system to be draining free of obstruction. There are no further leaks coming from the second floor. The second floor drain line is free of obstruction. Job completed.