Water Heater Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32205)

Date: May 28, 2024

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32205

Plumber Notes: Upon arrival we will turn off the water to the existing water heater. We will have to drain/bleed out the existing water heater, and the residual water that is still in the water line. This may take from 1hrs up 2hrs. We will turn the power off at the breaker box for the water heater and disconnect the hard wire at the water heater. Once the water heater is empty, will cut out a portion of the existing 3/4 CPVC water line for hot, cold, and T&P line. We will remove the existing water heater and drip pan. Then install a new drip pan and new 50gal Rheem water heater. We will re-pipe the hot, cold, T&P from the inlet to the existing line with new 3/4 CPVC pipe and 3/4 fittings. We will install a new 3/4 CPVC shut off ball valve for the cold line. We will reconnect the electrical to the new water heater. Once installation is complete, we turn the water back on to the new water heater, we will check for leaks and let the tank fill up before turning on the power. We will open few faucets, to allow air that is trap in the line to be release. Once there is no air, and there is pressure back in the water line. We will turn the power back on. We will insulate the hot and cold-water line at the water heater. Before we leave the job site, we will test all fixtures to make sure that the customer will have hot water throughout the house. We will clean up all trash and debris at our working area after job is completed. Betros will warranty the water heater, plumbing work in the water heater closet for 1 year.

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