Re-Piping Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville Beach, FL (32250)

Date: June 4, 2024

City: Jacksonville Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32250

Plumber Notes: We will start by shutting the water off at the back flow and cut out and replace 4″ sch.80 cpvc butterfly main shut off valve and continue cutting out and replacing all other valves in the garage. Once we have completed replacing the valves we will turn the water back on and test for leaks once the leak test is complete we will then go floor to floor and balance the pressure of the building. We will need access to at least one condominium on each floor during the balancing process Also during balancing process we will flush and clean regulators as needed. We will re insulate piping in garage where we have to remove existing insulation to replace the valves. Betros is not responsible for any drywall tile concrete flooring trim etc damage or repair. If you would like us to proceed with the work please see the accept/e-sign here link at the bottom of the estimateUpdated: Need to replace circuit setter for fifth floor. We will turn the water off and remove old valve and install new one and test for leaks once tested for leaks we will begin the final balance of the building once the building is balanced we will start clean up and pull off the job once the building has equal flow and pressure to all floors.

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