Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32206)

Date: May 16, 2023

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32206

Plumber Notes: We will need a couple days heads up Before starting these repairs. We will not be responsible for any damage to the home during these repairs due to the age of home. Came out at 9am Tuesday. Upon arrival, went over list that needed done, then made a material run to Home Depot. Returned and began by replacing kitchen sink faucet with a new glacier bay faucet and sprayer. Then cut away leaking ball valve and hose-bib, and replaced both ball valve and hose bib and installed new pipe. Made way into bathroom where we removed old pop-up drain from lavatory sink and replaced with a new metal pop-up assembly. Also installed a new aerator on lavatory sink to stop water splashing everywhere. Crawled under home to address hanging water lines and leaking drain pipe. Strapped up water line that were hanging and began taking apart Fernco bands where cast iron and plastic drain pipe met. Upon loosening a fitting, we found a long crack going up cast iron stack. There’s no way to make right unless we removed and replaced entire stack. Got approval and began removing wall in bathroom to expose cast iron stack. Once secured in attic, began breaking away and removing the cast iron. Replaced about 5’ of cast back up through roof and continued down in sch 40 PVC 4” pipe. Reconnected lavatory and toilet to new stack, then crawled back under house to secure and reconnect all drains to the main line. Once everything was complete, we turned the water back on to test entire system. Everything went great but we found later that the kitchen sink drain came unloose. Made a quick adjustment and tightened everything back. No leaks from any plumbing and everything is flowing great. While here and under home, found an excess amount of water continuously leaking from the floor, even while water is off. Further investigation and we found the AC drain was ran by maybe 3’ and is dripping directly onto floor, attempting to catch a little hole. Themis appears to have caused most flooring around hallway under home to be rotting away. Job is complete. 5/3

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