Re-Piping Services Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32208)

Date: May 14, 2024

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32208

Plumber Notes: We will remove any tile and drywall as needed to complete installation of the new mock sink and hand wash sink. We will also be removing a large section of the concrete slab in order to dig down to the existing main drainage line in this space in order to connect the new fixtures drain lines. We will run a new 4-In PVC drain line from the existing main drain line that is also running 4-in PVC to the new mop sink. We will install a new mop sink faucet and run water lines to the faucet as needed. We will also remove a section of the drywall to install a new inch and a half PVC drain for use of the new hand wash sink that will be located on the exterior wall of the existing bathroom. We will run a new inch and a half drain line to the existing waste arm in the wall. We will also need to install a point of use. Insta-hot water heater to make the mop sink and new hand wash sink code compliant. Once we make the necessary installations for the PVC drains, We will then install the actual mop sync to the drain. We will also be installing two new water lines for the hand wash sink. We will install the new hand wash, sink and faucet to be provided by Betros plumbing. All materials will be purchased by Betros plumbing All new drains and fixtures will be inspected and permits will be pulled by Betros plumbing. Once all water lines and drain lines have been installed, we will test each system and every line for any leaks. We will also be repairing concrete in any area where we remove from the slab to make any connections to the main drain line. Both point of use insta hot water heaters will be installed by Betros however any electrical connection that will need to be made must be done by an electrician that the customer will have to provide.

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