Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Service in Jacksonville, FL (32244)

Date: November 15, 2023

City: Jacksonville, FL

ZIP Code: 32244

Plumber Notes: Customer has an apparent slab leak on the back side of kitchen. While investigating, I found the drain stack to see if maybe the leak was coming from a drain, and it was not. Water that is leaking out is cold water, hot water heater is very old and doesn’t have a shut off valve that works. Was able to rule out water heater based on temperature of water. Water discoloration was all around the wall closest to the kitchen sink. To get a better look will bring in water equipment to pinpoint leak location and repair leaks. Will repair concrete as needed but not responsible to repair drywall or flooring. Customer scheduled for tomorrow to get repair started. When tech was asked to come next door by neighbor, he observed their water heater had a leak and was spraying to the adjacent wall, shared by Kevin.