Residential Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in Middleburg, FL (32068)

Date: December 16, 2022

City: Middleburg, FL

ZIP Code: 32068

Plumber Notes: There was no drainage pipe from the sink to the p-trap. I have have to install new drainage for both sink left,and right, and I have to get the buy the t-drain fitting that come with a dishwasher drainage line. I have to replace the Pre-existing hot water stop, because there was a leak come from the original stop. And I have installed a T to the angle stop so that I can have one line for faucet and one line for dishwasher. And I finished installing the faucet for home owner, it was half way done. And reconnected the hot/cold water line. There was a slight issue with both sink strainer rubber ring. So I replace two new strainer rubber ring. The rubber ring was our fault. Over tightened. After changing out the ring There was no more leaks.