Re-Piping Services Plumbing Service in Middleburg, FL (32068)

Date: February 2, 2024

City: Middleburg, FL

ZIP Code: 32068

Plumber Notes: We will remove the gravel and felt liner, dig approximately 5 to 7 feet to expose the damage area. We will remove all roots in the surrounding area cut out where the cleanout and the damaged area is approximately 5 to 7 feet. We will re-tie into the existing mainline with a 4inch pvc pipe 5 to 7 ft and 4inch coupling and a 4inch band. We will cut out the existing cleanout and use a 4inch coupling to extend the cleanout where it is up to code. We will install a new cleanout cap kit and backfill with dirt to cover up the repair area. We will test out the main line sanitary to check for leaks. We are NOT responsible for the reliner, gravel and, the landscaping. Our repair is warranty for one year for leaks and excludes any stoppages from inside the home from the cleanout to inside the home and stoppages from cleanout to city tap.

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