Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Service in Middleburg, FL (32068)

Date: August 17, 2023

City: Middleburg, FL

ZIP Code: 32068

Plumber Notes: Came out to find flooded floors due to leak. Upon investigation, we heard hissing from under kitchen sink and verified leak was on hot side. Water appeared from multiple spots. Spoke with customer and they asked us to go ahead and start making holes to fix the leak. Customer was made aware we are not responsible for wall repairs or floor repairs and he said he had a guy to make all other repairs needed. We then left to go to the shop to grab chipping hammer. Returned and began chipping a hole in corner of back bedroom closet. Opened hole down to soil and began exposing pipe. Our first hole in closet was about 12 inches away from pipe, leading into a small linen closet. Spoke with customer and began making second hole in linen closet. This hole was right on the leaking pipe. Found a 1/2″ copper pipe with a pinhole. Cut out pipe and replaced with CPVC. Waited 20mim for glue to dry and then checked repair and meter. No further evidence on any leak in home.

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