Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing Service in Neptune Beach, FL (32266)

Date: January 11, 2021

City: Neptune Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32266

Plumber Notes: Roughed in and topped out the hallway bathroom and the Kitchen. Bathroom: Moved lavatory drain back to new wall between bedroom and bathroom. Moving the lavatory we installed an additional waste arm while moving the vent back and attaching it to existing vent in ceiling. Moved the toilet over approximately 10 inches from its current location. Moved the shower drain approx.. 3 ft from its current location using the existing trap creating a trap on the run. Additionally we moved the shower valve which was not in the original bid approximately 6 ft away installing new water piping over head for both of the shower head and the shower sprayer. Kitchen: Broke up approximately 16 ft. of concrete and redirected the the kitchen drain from its current location to the new center Island. Due to the drawings not having specific footage, we did our best to measure it out. Installed a hot and cold water line in the ground for the kitchen. Installed a new washer drain and washer box with hammer arrests for the laundry and a new line for the refrigerator. Had the work half of job inspected and the inspection passed. The remaining portion of the job will continue when the contractor is ready.