Sewer and Drain Plumbing Service in Neptune Beach, FL (32207)

Date: September 15, 2022

City: Neptune Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32207

Plumber Notes: Customer has clog affecting both bathrooms. Customer attempted to auger drain themselves but couldn’t get the drain cleared. Once arrived customer showed me clean out in back of house that they used to attempt to snake drain. Also clog is affecting both bathrooms which are on different sides of the house. Kitchen and laundry don’t appear to be effected as they are draining properly at this time. Opened clean out cap and drain line not holding water. Went on roof to snake drain from vent stack for each bathroom group. Started with vent on the left hand side of the house since it’s the furthest from the clean out. Also ran snake into both laundry and main 4 inch stack to make sure no clogs were present at home. Snaked drains to clean out each time. Went inside to test drains and bathroom to the left is flushing properly tub and master bathroom also appears to be working properly at this time. Pulled snake back and found cloth like substance on snake cable.

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