Sewer and Drain Plumbing Service in Orange Park, FL (32065)

Date: June 4, 2023

City: Orange Park, FL

ZIP Code: 32065

Plumber Notes: We will be moving the kitchen sink drain and water line in the wall approximately 6 to 8′ over. In the bathroom the customer will be showing us locations of new drains and water lines, But he will be cutting and jack hammering all the cement floors for the new location of the drains and possibly some new vents. We will dig the trenches the depth of the drains. They will be replacing with new cement after our inspections of the rough work. Customer will be responsible for all fixtures, sinks, counter tops, shower valves, tub valves, tubs ,showers and shower pans. We will be responsible for all pvc drain pipe and fitting, and cpvc water lines including angle stops. We will also be doing all the top out and trim work on the remodel With all parts supplied for trim by customer. We will be working with the customer on location of all drains and Fixtures, and water lines etc. Due to there are no architectural drawings of this job. we have done this in the past and have had great success. We will not be responsible for any damage to tile or drywall or other structures during this process. Kitchen waist arm is moved and stubbed out with drain and piping for studor vent. Water lines and ran over and stubbed out. Will return tomorrow to install stud guards Stud guards are on and we will be returning Monday to start the bathroom area. Rough is ready to be inspected some water pipes are leaking ran.

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