Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Service in Ormond Beach, FL (32174)

Date: January 21, 2024

City: Ormond Beach, FL

ZIP Code: 32174

Plumber Notes: Upon our arrival, we met with the homeowner who showed us to the kitchen area which had been torn apart by a restoration company. The customer explained that he and his wife had seen water coming out behind the kitchen cabinets multiple times over the last 3 weeks. They then had a leak detection company come out and confirm that they had a leak underneath the slab of the kitchen. After explaining to the customer that we would have to remove tile in the kitchen to excavate and find the point in the pipe that was leaking, the customer requested that we not remove many of the tiles as he would have to retile his hold home if we remove too many. At the customer’s request. We only removed one of the tiles in the area. Where the leak detection company had suspected a leak. We then excavated around the hot water CPVC line. After shutting off water, we then used to become presser provided by the customer and air tested the pipe and confirmed that the leak was coming off of a 45 on the hot water line. After several failed attempts, we finally successfully removed a section of the pipe. We then re-ran the pipe with a new 3/4 CPVC line. After waiting the recommended time for the glue to seal, we then repressured the entire home. Upon repressuring the home, we discovered that there was a secondary leak that we could not see coming from the same area. After speaking with the customer, we were asked to return on Monday to remove more of the floor and wood framing to excavate further and repair the leak.Upon our return on January the 8th 2024. We removed more of the tile in the kitchen area and excavated further. We then removed another section of the 3/4 CPVC line. We then repaired the existing hot water line with new 3/4 CPVC. We then repressured the home slowly. After an extensive inspection of the line, we determined that it was back in working order. No more leaks were found. We then re-insulated the water lines and re -covered the area with sand. We then informed the homeowner that since the water heater had been shut off all weekend to allow 2 to 3 hours for the water to heat back up. Job completed.

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