Commercial Plumbing Contractors Plumbing Service in Ponte Vedra, FL (32082)

Date: April 14, 2023

City: Ponte Vedra, FL

ZIP Code: 32082

Plumber Notes: Uninstalled hand sink in cafe area. To turn water off in that area to cap off lines in wall for new wall frame had to turn water off to building and install shut offs in the ceiling to isolate hand sink. Cut out all water lines and capped in the area the GC Jennifer asked. She stated that drain was staying so didn’t cut or move drain at this time. Will need to return to install new water lines and new sink. Arrived old sink line is broken with studor vent cut old drain out and got new 2x1 1/2 sanitary tee in wall for sink and new line ran over for sink used existing water lines and ran lines over to sink and stubbed out of wall job is complete. Returned to install hand sink. Turned water off above the cafe area to cut caps off waterline and installed new 1/4 turn angle stops with escussions. Drain line was stubbed out cut it to fit new sink and added escussions and trap adaptor to drain line so that sink drain can attach. Installed new braided supply lines to sink. Drilled holes in tile at location of bracket for sink. Installed bracket with tapcon. Hung sink on bracket attaching water lines to angle stops and drain to trap adapter. Caulked around sink and tested for leaks. No leaks found on either water supply or drainage. Job completed.