Water Heater Repair and Installation Plumbing Service in Ponte Vedra, FL (32082)

Date: October 28, 2020

City: Ponte Vedra, FL

ZIP Code: 32082

Plumber Notes: Upon arrival, the upstairs bar sink was not getting hot water, the shower was only getting hot water in the exercise bathroom, and the second bath shower was not getting hot enough. The upstairs bar sink was not triggering the tankless water heaters to come on, after the water heater specialists left and changed out the air aider the bar sink gets the proper amount of water flow to trigger the tankless water heater. After the water heater specialists tested shower number 2 seemed to heat up just fine. After pulling out the stem and identifying the type of valve, removed the Zurn stem and installed a Symmonds stem and this small change fixed the hot water and made the valve work properly cold to hot.