Residential Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in St. Augustine, FL (32092)

Date: April 14, 2023

City: St. Augustine, FL

ZIP Code: 32092

Plumber Notes: Upstairs bathroom that is straight ahead when you go upstairs has a broken cartridge. Attempted to remove cartridge using several different tricks to get it out without success. Advised customer would need to cut drywall behind shower to replace valve due to cartridge being stuck. Cut drywall, betros doesn’t repair drywall, to expose the valve cut out the water lines and installed new valve to existing water lines tying into shower riser and installing new tub spout. Installed new brush nickel finish trim. Upstairs to the left there was another bathroom that also had a shower valve that had a cartridge that’s stuck in valve. The access in the front of this shower allowed enough space to replace valve through access. Disconnected valve and replaced with a new valve. Installed new brush nickel trim. Turned water in to check for leaks no leaks found at this time.