Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Service in St. Augustine, FL (32092)

Date: August 26, 2022

City: St. Augustine, FL

ZIP Code: 32092

Plumber Notes: Customer has water damage in bathroom on first floor of house in the bathroom to the right of the house. Customer is on a well and has put, system next to pool on the left side of house. Pump not showing any indication of active water running into home. Did sound test to heat if any waterlines are making noise in the wall as well as in the slab didn't hear any sounds coming from water lines. Water lines are in cpvc. Upstairs bathrooms all have good pressure at this time. Determined that slab leak is not likely. Ran fixtures to find out if fixtures are leaking. Toilet and sink both seemed to be working properly and didn't show any leaking at this time. Took faceplate off shower trim to see if there is water damage in the wall. Ran shower and found that delta shower diverter is leaking into the wall. Advise customer diverter leak could be cause of water damage recommend replacing diverter stem before proceeding with slab investigation. Order part for return trip schedule at a later.