Plumbing Services Plumbing Service in St. Augustine, FL (32084)

Date: November 15, 2023

City: St. Augustine, FL

ZIP Code: 32084

Plumber Notes: Customer has a liberty pump that is outside the second building that runs into a lift station in front of the first building. The pump broke down and did not pump any sanitary waste into the lift station. So I have to locate where the pump was at. I dig about 6in into the dirt, located the lid of the basin. I remove the lid and have to use a submersible pump to pump out the water that was in the basin. I undo the 2 union to remove the pre-existing pump. I have installed a new 1hp grinder pump into the basin. After the installation was completed I tested the pump to check and see if the will pumps the sanitary waste into the lift station. And it function perfectly. There was no more stoppage. For the first building, there was a stoppage too. So I ran about 75ft of snake into the clean out in front of the building and that cleared up the stoppage. Both building is now functional for sanitary drainage. I backfill where I dugout.

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