Slab Leak Repair Plumbing Service in St. Johns, FL (32084)

Date: November 12, 2020

City: St. Johns, FL

ZIP Code: 32084

Plumber Notes: Broke up concrete in downstairs master bathroom around the toilet area to add an additional line connecting to the main. Turned the additional 3-inch DWV line up the wall in the bathroom to the 2nd floor addition, turned the drain line towards the new bathroom strapping it through the floors for support. Installed a tub drain, toilet and vent for the new 2nd floor bathroom getting installed. Once the drains were installed strapped and capped, we filled up the vent to test for any leaks in the drain, found none. Installed a hot and cold-water line from the garage water heater with 2 new shut offs at the water heater and installed the pipe through the existing attic to the new bathroom using nail plates and strap along the way to keep the pipe safe and secure also insulated the pipe inside the attic. Once drain lines and water lines were installed had a St. Johns County inspector come out and inspect the work done and the inspection passed.

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